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This book forms part of a series of Smart-Kids board books for very young children. Each full-colour illustrated book focuses on one part of speech and teaches early vocabulary in a fun and interactive way. Notes on the back cover help parents understand how best to use the book with their little ones

Smart-Kids BB Whose Sock is That?   Smart-Kids BB Can Ben Zoom to the   Smart-Kids BB What is Emma Doing?   Smart-Kids BB Where is Honey?

This book forms part of the colourful Smart-Kids write & wipe series created by practising South African Early Childhood Development educators. The books are designed to help preschoolers (3 - 5 years) develop key concepts and to make sure children learn to write and draw in the correct way to support their learning later on.

Smart-Kids Write   Smart-Kids Write   Smart-Kids Write   Smart-Kids Write

A full-colour activity book designed to develop key skills for 3, 4 and 5 year olds while they do activities
they will enjoy and interact with the loveable Smart-Kids characters. Detailed notes support parents.

Smart-kids I am Three     Smart-kids I am Four     Smart-kids I am Five

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