English Grade R
English Grade R

English Preschool English Grade R English Age 5-7

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These Reception year (Grade R) Rainbow Workbooks form part of the Department of Basic Education's strategy to boost South African children's school performance. Research shows that for every year that children are exposed to stimulating activities before Grade 1, they perform better academically in later years throughout their primary and secondary schooling. Hence this strong focus on learning in Grade R.

Grade R Workbook 1 (35.79MB)     Grade R Workbook 2 (29.51MB)

Grade R Workbook 3 (33.22MB)     Grade R Workbook 4 (33.45MB)

Grade R Workbook 1 (42.75MB)     Grade R Workbook 2 (75.30MB)

Grade R workbook 1 (28.76MB)         Grade R workbook 2 (36.10MB)

Grade R workbook 3 (30.61MB)         Grade R workbook 4 (34MB)

2013 Grade R - Resources for English worksheets

Children love learning with Smart-kids. Bright illustrations, stickers, creative activities and fun-loving characters bring the South African Literacy and Numeracy curriculum to life. Smart-kids is written by experienced South African teachers and contains valuable notes, tips and answers for parents.

Smart-Kids English Grade R

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