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English Age 5-7

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Hello! forms part of the Smart-Kids Read series designed to help children learn to read confidently and to enjoy reading. Smart-Kids Read is divided into four clear levels according to stages in reading development. Level 1 (starting out) is for children who are just starting to learn to read. The colourful pictures tell the story and the text is very simple. There are four engaging books to choose from in Level 1 - Hello!; One, two, three!; Fun days, and Lost!. Once a child recognizes sentences they are ready to follow the adventures of the loveable Smart-Kids characters in Level 2.

Hello   One, Two, Three   Fun Days   Lost!

Out and About   Food Fun   Bugs and Animals   Places I Go

Let's Dress Up   Fun and Games   Holidays   It's Magic!

Be a Detective   All Around South Africa   Night Time   Let's Pretend

Workbooks to guide your child in learning simple tell the time, phonics, adding, handwriting, spelling, reading, maths and building your child's confidence. Includes reward stickers, full colour insides and various activities.

Tell the Time   Phonics 5   Adding 5

Handwriting   Spelling 5   Reading   Maths

Handwriting, Reading & Writing, Spelling, Times Tables, Adding & Subtracting and Multiplying & Dividing! Children learn better when working with an adult who can help guide, motivate and build confidence.

Times Tables   Multiplying and Dividing 7   Spelling

Reading and Writing   Mental Maths 7   Adding and Subtracting 7   Handwriting

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