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This starter pack is designed specifically for nursery and pre-school teachers. Each teaching resource has been carefully selected to help even the youngest children learn the alphabet sounds & shapes, and develop their phonics skills in a fun way.

All products come in a bright box for easy storage.

Pack Includes: Early Years Handbook Early Years Handbook CD Alphabet Frieze ABC (hardback) Living ABC Software Big Picture Code Cards Alphabet Songs CD Handwriting Songs CD A-Z Copymasters Early Years Handwriting Copymasters

Occupational Therapy (OT) - Kids health information

The Kids health information package aims to be a practical, user-friendly and time-efficient resource for therapists to use in conjunction with an occupational therapy program. The package consists of information and activity idea sheets that are based on collective evidence-based clinical experience and current resources and journals. The package uses a standardised format and illustrations are used to enhance the understanding of the information. The activity ideas aim to be practical and fun and many can be incorporated into everyday tasks. It is intended that individual therapists will highlight the specific activities that are most suitable for each child and emphasize the correct way to do the activities. Home program sheet templates are also included in the package.

Developing a pencil grip Hand preference Low muscle tone
In-hand manipulation Hand and finger strength Shoulder stability and control
Develop arm co-ordination Prewriting skills Pencil pressure
Playdough and exercise putty Splints Pressure garments
Scar management Hand exercises Thumb exercises
FDP tenolysis exercises FDS tenolysis exercises Supination exercises
Hand and finger strength Adolescents Encouraging young babies to use their hands Encouraging older babies to use their hands
Encouraging toddlers to use two hands Encouraging preschool children to use two hands Encouraging school children to use two hands
Finger exercises Finger stretches  

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